Redbrick extracts value from real estate investments by leveraging its unique combination of asset management skills and development management expertise, thus succeeding where traditional players fail

“We believe in a disciplined investment approach whose successful deployment depends on our diversified team and its highly technical expertise.”

Alexio Pasquazzo, Founder and Partner

Asset management

Redbrick’s asset management team defines and deploys the value creation strategies and ensures full control of the real estate value chain.


Redbrick asset management team displays sophisticated state-of-the-art capabilities in managing complex real estate business plans, which can be applied to different asset classes (residential, offices, hotels, retail), and investment strategies (core, core plus, value added, opportunistic, pure development)


Deal origination


Strategy definition & Business planning


Transaction management




Ongoing management

Development Management

Redbrick’s development management team defines and implements repositioning and capex strategies and ensures full control of the development process from raw land acquisition to authorizations, from design management to implementation and coordination of the capex plan through project & construction management.


Redbrick’s development management team ensures:


The definition of a highly reliable capex strategy, setting timelines and budgets


The day-by-day implementation of the strategy through a disciplined hands-on approach to design optimization, budget control, coordination of the construction processes.


Project management


Construction management


Budgeting / reporting